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Grey Calcined Bauxite


Technical Data for Calcined Bauxite


Chemical   Composition

CompoundChemical FormulaTypical Content %
Aluminium   OxideAl2O370-90
Silicon   DioxideSiO25-8
Titanium   DioxideTiO24.5-6
Iron OxideFe2O33-6
Calcium &   Magnesium OxideCaO   & MgO2.5-3
Alkali MetalsNa2O & K2O

Physical Parameters

Bulk Density1.3-1.4g/cc subject to grade
ShapeSub Angular
ColourBuff / Green colours
Specific   Gravity3.0g/cc
Hardness8-9 moh
Polished Stone   Value70
Aggregate   Abrasion Value1.55

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