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Wulanchabu Rongchang Industry And Trade Co., Ltd. is located in Wulanchabu, middle of Inner Mongolia, China, where there are rich advantageous resources. Taking the advantage in using the local resources our company has gained huge success.

At present, we own Garnet Factory, Sausage Casings Plant and Buckwheat Flour workshop to process Garnet, Casings and Buckwheat Series products respectively.

1.Garnet Abrasives

We have 2 kinds of Garnet Abrasives: Alluvial Garnet and HardRock Garnet, both are Almandine. We have been mining, processing and exporting HardRock Garnet since the year 1999. From 2011 we began processing and exporting Alluvial Garnet as well. Our factory and facilities are just built near the mines area. Now we have following 3 subsidiaries, act as a group to specialize in sale of our Garnet products.

Wulanchabu Xindi Trade Co., Ltd.

Wulanchabu Zhaohui Trade Co., Ltd.

Wulanchabu Libang Industry And Trade Co., Ltd.

Alluvial Garnet, locally called "River Garnet", which is buried under the ground in valleys in our local mountains or riverbeds. The Garnet particles might be made of naturally hundreds of thousands of years ago, with sizes ranging #8-#200, pink color like Indian Garnet. It is very clean after being washed and magnetized. We mainly process and export #12/20, #20/40, #30/60, #80 and #120.

HardRock Garnet is crushed from big hard rock lumps mined from mountains and hills, into the particles with the size ranging #4--#240, sharp angular shape, dark reddish brown color. We can screen into any sizes that customers require.

Both Alluvial Garnet and Rock Garnet are used widely in water filtration, sandblasting, waterjet- cutting and deep oil welling, abrasive polishing and some other special applications.


We also export Buff/ Grey Calcined Bauxite.

We have a good partner who processes Buff Calcined Bauxite, Grey Calcined Bauxite with the 70%-- 90% content of Al2O3, and sizing of 0-1mm, 1-3mm and 3-5mm, and any other size costumers require.

2. Sausage Casings: Salted sheep casings and Goat casings

Our Casings Plant was registered by EU, Brazil, and England, and our company is one CNSCA member and also INSCA member, located in Wulanchabu, middle of Inner Mongolia, China, where there are vast grassland and therefore there are plenty of Sheep and Goat to grow. Our raw materials just comes from our local slaughtering- houses for such Sheep and Goat as the mentioned, so the materials are fresh and the quality is good. We usually process Sheep Casings A grade 26/28, 24/26, 22/24, 20/22 and 18/20 (7m up and 3mm up), Sheep Casings AB grade 26/28, 24/26, 22/24, 21/23, 20/22, 19/21, 18/20,17/19 and 16/18 (10m up, 7m up and 2m up), Sheep Casings BC grade 24/+, 22/24, 20/22, 18/20(2m up); And Goat Casings AB grades 24/26, 22/24, 21/23, 20/22, 19/21, 18/20 (7m up, 6m up, 3m up, and 2m up).

And we can also process our materials into any specifications according to customers' needs.

Our Sheep and Goat casings are sold well in foreign market. Always we welcome the customers to contact us, visit us, exchange the techniques, share the update of information on the casings industry and have a business talk.

3. Buckwheat, Hulled Buckwheat, Buckwheat Flour

Inner Mongolia is one of the largest origin of Buckwheat in China. Our raw Buckwheat is originated from our local and neighboring areas, and processed by the advanced equipments in our hygienic factory, the products quality is stable and reliable.

We mainly produce and export Buckwheat, Hulled Buckwheat, Buckwheat Flour.

Wulanchabu Rongchang Industry And Trade Co., Ltd
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